Tree Service in Ross Township

Find all the care your trees need under one roof. Thomas Tree Services LLC offers a variety of services, including tree cutting, tree removal & hedge removal. You never have to hunt around for a company that offers all of these options in one convenient package, whether you’re looking for residential or commercial services.

Stump Grinding in Ross Township, PA

You may not like the stumps in your yard, but termites & wood-boring insects certainly do. In fact, once these bugs infest a stump, they can easily migrate to other areas on your property and create more damage. At the same time, tree stumps are also tripping hazards. Both residential & commercial properties can be affected by these issues.

Make room for something better by opting for tree stump removal. We’ll grind away all of your stump problems, leaving you free to enjoy your property without worrying about safety hazards. Here are just a few other compelling reasons to have your lawn’s stumps professionally removed:

  • Prevents Problems with Root Growth
  • Reduces Risk of Insect Problems on Your Property
  • Prevents Tripping Hazards & Injuries
  • Prevents Tree from Growing Back Again
  • Allows Room for Other Landscaping Projects
  • Creates Extra Space in Your Yard

Tree Removal in Ross Township Pennsylvania

We believe in leaving the customers property free of any debris from our work & in most cases cleaner then when we arrived on site. We often use plywood to protect the customers property from our equipment, dragging of limbs/branches & just the general tramping of the workmen.