Tree Service in Wexford

Pruning or trimming should be done regularly to control shape & keep branches from harming surrounding structures or people. Tree Service in Warrendale Pa & Pruning should always be performed sparingly. In some cases, however, pruning is absolutely necessary because damaged limbs pose a threat to other healthy parts of the tree or surrounding structures. You can trust Thomas Tree Service in McCandless, Pa to know the difference. Our experience ensures that our pruning recommendations will not exceed what it takes to get the job done right.

Stump Grinding in Wexford, PA

If you need the entire stump removed immediately, there is no better tool than a stump grinder. We have the equipment to complete this task a high-speed disc with specially designed teeth that grind the stump & underground roots into small chips. Furthermore, we accomplish this with little to no impact to your landscape.

Tree Removal in Wexford Pennsylvania

Pruning is just one routine service they need to look their best otherwise, you could end up with a sickly, overgrown & potentially dangerous plant. Don’t let this happen to your tree. Instead, keep your property’s greenery healthy & beautiful with help from a fully licensed & insured tree service in Wexford, Pa. Thomas Tree Service LLC is your first source for all kinds of essential tree services, including trimming, removal, health assessments & more. In conclusion, enlist our team’s help when your trees are looking worse for wear.